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Next „In Between“ on 25 November 2016 feat. Ogun Celik

Nearly the last show of 2016 are on the schedule and at the end of the year I have invited a new guest to In Between. He has just released a new deep track called When You Came which I have already played on the show, and now he’s my guest: Ogun Celik! He plays a mix between deep and progressive House tunes that will entice you. With Imran Khan, LoQuai and Roman Flügel on his playlist you may look forward to a groovy show!

Of course, the second hour with me will be a bit more melodic, but no less groovy with Alex H, Sunset Moments, South Pole and Rick Siron. So tune in on November 25th, 2016, to the regular FriskyRadio channel at 2 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. CET and enjoy both sets!

2 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. CET Ogun Celik
3 p.m. EST / 9 p.m. CET Addliss


Schon fast die letzte Sendung für 2016 steht auf dem Plan und am Ende des Jahres habe ich noch einmal einen neuen Gast zu In Between eingeladen. Er hat gerade erst einen neuen Track namens When You Came veröffentlicht, den ich bereits in meiner Show gespielt habe, und nun ist er mein Gast: Ogun Celik! Er spielt eine Mischung zwischen Deep und Progressive House, der wirklich verführerisch klingt. Mit Imran Khan, LoQuai und Roman Flügel in seiner Playlist könnt ihr euch auf eine groovige Show freuen!

Natürlich wird die zweite Stunde mit mir ein wenig melodischer, aber nicht weniger groovy mit Alex H, Sunset Moments, South Pole und Rick Siron. Also schaltet am 25. November 2016 den regulären FriskyRadio-Kanal um 20 Uhr ein und genießt beide Sets!

20 Uhr Ogun Celik
21 Uhr Addliss

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 56

This week I am presenting tunes from some of my fav labels again. Entrancing Music, Redux, FSOE, Pure Trance…they are all in there! Epiphany of Sound is back with uplifting melodies and pumping beats!


01. Gai Barone & Katty Heath – You Make It Hurt (Allen & Envy Remix) [Sir Adrian Music]
02. Stoneface & Terminal feat. Neev Kennedy – Lost (Original Mix) [Raz Nitzan Music]
03. The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra – Amber (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
04. OneBeat – Are You Gonna Love Me (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
05. Baranov & Amber Trail – Velocity (Maratone Remix) [Entrancing Music]
06. Bjorn Akesson – Language (Original Mix) [Pure Trance]
07. UDM – Omega (Extended Mix) [Redux]
08. Alex Dvane – In Surrender [Gert Records]
09. Guy Alexander – Poppy (Kayan Code Remix) [Redux 138]
10. Allan Morrow – Out Of Reach (Original Mix) [Grotesque Fusion]
11. Robert Nickson & Dimension – Wormhole (Original Mix) [Flashover]
12. SoundLift – River Side (Extended Mix) [Redux]
13. Luke Terry – Aaru (UDM Remix) [Suanda True]

Next „In Between“ on 28 October 2016 feat. Maiga

Maiga is a new name in the progressive house scene, but he has climbed some heights already! With the EP release Aurora / Sunrise on Perplexity Music – one of the most important labels for melodic prog house – he has a new EP upcoming on the same label with Pacifica / Malaga as well as a collaboration with master mind Alex H due in November on Moonscape Records. You see this young lad has a bright future ahead! His appearance on In Between on the next Friday will be his first DJ set he has ever played, so be part of the premiere and tune in when he presents some of his fellows like Keith Harris, Soundslogic, Roald Velden or James Woods. Here is his upcoming release for a first listen:

The first hour will be the intense sound I usually present. There will be some deep sounds, but in the end it will always be melodic. I am really excited for this show, so tune in on Friday October 28th, 2016 and enjoy the TGIFrisky! If you’re uncertain about the time in your time zone, check the FriskyWebsite.

2 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. CET Addliss
3 p.m. EST / 9 p.m. CET Maiga


Maiga ist ein recht frischer Name in der Progressive-House-Szene, allerdings hat er schon einige Bekanntheit erlangt! Nach einem EP-Release Aurora / Sunrise auf Perplexity Music – einem der wichtigsten Labels für melodischen Prog House – folgt auf dem gleichen Label eine weitere EP namens Pacifica / Malaga sowie eine Zusammenarbeit mit Alex H im November auf Moonscape Records. Ihr seht also, dass Maiga eine große Zukunft bevorstehen könnte! Sein Gastspiel bei In Between am kommenden Freitag wird außerdem sein erstes DJ-Set überhaupt sein! Ihr solltet also nicht verpassen, wenn er einige seiner Kollegen präsentiert – Namen wie Keith Harris, Soundslogic, Roald Velden oder James Woods.

In der ersten Stunde hört ihr natürlich den üblichen intensiven Sound, den ich präsentiere. Es wird einige deepe Sounds geben, aber letztlich natürlich immer melodisch. Ich freue mich wirklich sehr auf diese Sendung, also schaltet am 28. Oktober 2016 ein und genießt den TGIFrisky! Wenn ihr unsicher über die Zeit in eurer Zeitzone seid, schaut einfach auf der FriskyWebsite.

20 Uhr Addliss
21 Uhr Maiga

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 55

It’s time for trance again! Get your speakers ready and prepare yourself for new music by The Thrillseekers, John O’Callaghan, Arctic Moon, Luke Terry and many more! Of course I have included my new single Harmonies Are Forever which has been released this week on Teknofonic. I think, it opens the set just perfectly.

Press play and enjoy!


01. Addliss – Harmonies Are Forever (Doerfler Remix) [Teknofonic]
02. Team Condura – One Hundred (Original Mix) [Condura]
03. Menno de Jong & Adam Elles feat. Katie Louise Smith – Set To Sail (Original Mix) [In Trance We Trust]
04. Opt-In – Don’t You Know (Original Mix) [Discover]
05. F. G. Noise & TrancEye – Viper (Extended Mix) [Redux]
06. Hans Seo feat. Anna Toth – Sky Dancer (Arctic Moon Remix) [AVA]
07. Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
08. Anna Lee feat. Kate Miles – Back Again (Sied van Riel Remix Dub) [Entrancing Music]
09. SoundLift – River Side (Extended Mix) [Redux]
10. Luke Terry – Aaru (Original Mix) [Suanda True]
11. UDM – Omega (Extended Mix) [Redux]
12. Robert Nickson & Dimension – Wormhole (Original Mix) [Flashover]
13. The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra – Amber (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
14. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – Save Me (John O’Callaghan Extended Remix) [Garuda]

Harmonies Are Forever [OUT NOW]

After my very successful release Someone To Smile At on Teknofonic Recordings the label and I are looking forward to the next track in the same style. This time it’s not about the connection between people, but a different one.

It is about the connection to music which is essential for me as a musician. When there’s so much happening in life and in the world there’s still one constant and this is the harmony with music which can’t be changed. So the harmonies that you hear and feel in music resonate in you and small moments can become eternal.

With the original mix comes a more uplifting remix by my longtime friend Doerfler. He has crafted some modern drums and plays the melody in such a powerful main synth that it will blast your speakers!

Here are some download opportunities:

Track it down
DJ Tunes
Google Music

Of course there are also streaming portals supporting my release:


As always I thank you for supporting me!

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 54

Not being able to catch up every week at the moment I managed to do a new Epiphany of Sound again! It’s featuring a lot of new music on Entrancing Music, Redux label group and some of my favourites from the summer. I’ll present other stuff in the next episode, but now enjoy beats and melodies from the likes of DJ T.H., Gareth Emery, Symon & Jay, Miroslav Vrlik or SoundLift! I also included two updated mixes of the classics Helsinki Scorchin‘ and Reflekt’s Need To Feel Loved which is more than awesome!

Press play and enjoy!


01. Alex Byrka & J.Weo – Carribean Wave (Original Mix) [CD-R]
02. Sebastian Pawlica – Arctic [Yeiskomp Records]
03. Baranov & Amber Traill – Velocity (Kriess Guyte Remix) [Entrancing Music]
04. Jam da Bass & DJ T.H. with Hanna Finsen – Save The Day (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
05. Miroslav Vrlik – Fly Away (Extended Mix) [Always Alive]
06. Sound of Tomorrow – Symphony of Love (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
07. Ather – Beyond The Mountains (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
08. Sun Liquide – Morning Sun (Original Mix) [Redux]
09. Flyover – Badman (Original Mix) [Condura]
10. Symon & Jay – Blind Mind (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
11. UDM – Omega (Extended Mix) [Redux]
12. Mike van Fabio feat. Cherry – Fable (Mhammed El Alami Remix) [Abora]
13. SoundLift – River Side (Nick V Remix) [Redux]
14. Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter – Reckless (Standerwick Extended Remix) [Garuda]
15. Super8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin‘ (Chris Metcalfe Remix) [CD-R]
16. Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved 2016 (Sunset pres. Symsonic Remix) [CD-R]

Next WAVES on 2 October 2016 feat. Pete Severano

It’s Sunday and I’m already planning for the next #ChilloutSunday to appear on FriskyRadio! The new WAVES will crash in with smooth tunes like piano music, Ambient pads and chilled beats. Joining me is my longtime friend Pete Severano who has put together a beautiful set with tunes by Chicane, Vangelis, Ólafur Arnalds, Gui Boratto, and Helios! I know you will enjoy this one.


After his one hour guest mix, I will deliver the usual WAVES style. So there are two excellent hours of #ChilloutSunday ahead! Tune in to the FriskyChill channel on October 2nd, 2016 at 7 a.m. EST / 1 p.m. CET and join us! If you are uncertain about the time in your timezone, look it up on the WAVES show site.

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 53

After 4 weeks of hiatus I finally made it to mix a new Epiphany of Sound! And I think it’s a beauty with music by Maratone, Aly & Fila, ReOrder & Ferry Tayle, O.B.M Notion and others. The other day I was reminded of the classic Never Again by Robert Nickson and especially the Nitrous Oxide Remix.

Now press play and enjoy!


01. Wilderness feat. Panarin – Darkside (Extended Mix) [Gert Records]
02. Kayan Code & Esmae – Alive (Guy Alexander Remix) [Entrancing Music]
03. Amo R – Viti Levu (O.B.M Notion Remix) [Entrancing Music]
04. Anna Lee feat. Kate Miles – Back Again (UDM Remix) [Entrancing Music]
05. Maratone feat. Dee Dee – Time Will Tell (Dub Mix) [Entrancing Music]
06. Alex van ReeVe – Halcyon (Extended Mix) [Always Alive]
07. Mhammed El Alami & Amine Maxwell feat. Jo Cartwright – Let Yourself Be Loved (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
08. Erislandy – Sutherland Falls (Original Mix) [Redux]
09. DJ T.H. – Nocturnal Creature (Original Mix) [Redux]
10. ReOrder & Ferry Tayle – Tomorroworld (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
11. Anatol Weber & DJ T.H. feat. Natalia Meister – I Promise (Alan Morris Remix) [Transistic]
12. Allen & Envy & Neev Kennedy – Without You (Dan Stone Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
13. Aly & Fila vs. Luke Bond feat. Audrey Gallagher – Million Voices (Original Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
14. Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill – Never Again (Nitrous Oxide Remix) [A State Of Trance]

Track of the Day: SoundLift – River Side

Redux Recordings has a new release upcoming and it’s by the melodic master SoundLift!

Next WAVES on 4 September 2016

I have been very busy this week, but this #ChilloutSunday will bring you the next WAVES once again. They are crashing in with relaxed tunes by Cousin Silas and Gravitation, groovy stuff by Firas Tarhini and Stendahl, flowing trance pads with Magdelayna and Serotonin or even some piano tunes by Dirk Maassen and Tammy Howarth. It’s a pretty diverse show this time, but that’s why it’s even more worth to listen!

Tune in on September 4th, 2016, on 7 a.m. EST / 1 p.m. CET to the FriskyRadio CHILL channel and drift away!

Chillout Sunday - 1

Diese Woche war sehr stressig, doch der #ChilloutSunday steht mit einer neuen Sendung WAVES vor der Tür. Ganz entspannte Musik gibt es von Cousin Silas und Graviation, groovig wird es mit Firas Tarhini und Stendahl, fließende Trance-Pads kommen von Magdelayna und Serotonin und schließlich ein bisschen Klaviermusik von Dirk Maassen und Tammy Howarth. Die Show ist diesmal wieder sehr abwechslungsreich, aber gerade das macht sie sicher noch ein bisschen hörenswerter!

Einschalten solltet ihr also am 4. September um 13 Uhr deutscher Zeit – und bitte den FriskyRadio CHILL-Kanal. Dann könnt ihr euch wegtragen lassen.