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Every first sunday in a month there is a new episode of „WAVES“, my chillout radio show on friskyRadio. You can listen to all the episodes here: FriskyRadio – WAVES. The first episode I ever played is also up for you to stream on SoundCloud.

Waves Banner 2

Jeden ersten Sonntag im Monat gibt es eine neue Ausgabe meiner Chillout-Radiosendung „WAVES“ auf friskyRadio. Ihr könnt euch alle Sendungen hier anhören: FriskyRadio – WAVES. Die erste Ausgabe der Sendung, die ich je gespielt habe, ist auch bei SoundCloud hochgeladen für euch.

Waves (7 February 2010) by Addliss

Addliss - WAVES banner


  1. Centrino sagt:

    Hello, I have problems to download your sets of June and May

    • Addliss sagt:

      I tried to download them myself and I see your issue. It seems like fairtilizer has problems at the moment. I can’t download my sets (all four) even if I’m logged in. So please be patient, maybe it will work again in some minutes/hours. If this is a permanent issue, I will contact fairtilizer, of course. :)

    • Addliss sagt:

      I now figured out that – somehow – the downloads don’t work in the mini player here. You should visit the fairtilizer site (by clicking on the set name) and download it there. It works. :)

  2. Centrino sagt:

    Yes indeed; it works fine via the site. thanks and greetings from Brussels :-)

  3. Jpos sagt:

    For me it work’s fine. First i was surprised, too. With the new miniplayer the procedure has changed. The download works with flash in background. First there is a +.tmp file which changes at the end to the waves mp3 file that you want. Lets play…

    • Addliss sagt:

      Ah, now I see. I saw the .tmp file, too, but I thought, it wouldn’t be downloading (just waited 1 minute or so). Thanks for the explanation and: happy downloading for all! ;)

  4. hsr sagt:

    hi bro. i missed your last mix. will you upload it on fairtilizer or can you send it to me please? i have all your waves mixes, i don’t want to miss this one :)

    • Addliss sagt:

      If you meant the July show, it’s up there now. If you talked about the show last sunday, I will upload it in about one week on fairtilizer. You’ll get the mix as soon as then, you won’t miss it! :)

  5. hsr sagt:

    i have Dimitry Siafarikas’s mix. waiting for yours from august, thanks :)

  6. hsr sagt:

    hello! amazing set from september. can you post a tracklist? the 5th or 6th track (27:10) is THE TRACK for me. THE ONE <3. thanks!

  7. hsr sagt:

    ? i know you’re theeeeere, i can see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu/

  8. Addliss sagt:

    I’m sorry, hsr, but I’ve been on holidays for the last 2 weeks, just got home. I will post the tracklist and the set tomorrow or on thursday (depends on my time schedule). You will get it as soon as possible. ;)

  9. hsr sagt:

    thanks for the tracklist! great mix! although you forgot the last track :(

  10. hsr sagt:

    hello! i’ve missed again your mix :( when will you upload it on fairtilizer?

  11. Addliss sagt:

    It will be online next Monday. But you could also get the frisky subscription and download it now. :)

  12. hsr sagt:

    hhhhhhellloooo my brother!!!!!!!
    i’m sorry ididn’t have time to listen to chillout sundays and waves in the last months. i was soooo busy. but now i’m cathing up. listening to your august mix. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks! waves 4 ever.

  13. hsr sagt:

    thanks for october mix bro!!
    super super super!! going on my ipod now…

  14. hsr sagt:

    amazing mix in december!! thanks!!

  15. hsr sagt:

    Great start in 2012!!!! amazing mix, the intro is amazing!

  16. cord sagt:

    this is very big stuff!!!
    Is it possible for you to either send me the tracklists or publish them here?


    • Addliss sagt:

      Hey Cord,

      at first thanks for your feedback! I always publish the tracklists with the sets, so either you click on the very episode you want to know the tracklist of (there’s the tracklist on the site) or you look for the blog entry. I guess you’re looking for the December playlist, since it was playing when you were posting. :)

      If you’re looking for the playlist for the February show – I will publish it on 13 February.

  17. hsr sagt:

    i missed your feb show but i’m gonna hear it on sunday i’m sure.

    came here to tell you to check out this guy, he’s the bomb :)

    • Addliss sagt:

      Yes, my friend, I think it will be aired again on Sunday. Nevertheless I will upload it on Monday to, so no worries! :)

      Thanks for the hint, Mr. (or Ms.?) Tune of Soul is awesome! I will remember him in my upcoming shows!

  18. hsr sagt:

    mr :) i wish i’d find a girl who listens to this haha.
    February mix is probably your best, listening to it right now and it’s 180 minutes! wow

  19. HSR sagt:


    Great mix this April, especially the 2nd song, can’t get enough of it. Great great mix, helps me get over these bad times for me :)
    Thanks for the music!

    Have a great day ~

    • Addliss sagt:

      Thanks, I love this track so much, too! It’s so atmospheric and flowing, the vocals, the synths, the pads…everything is fitting!

      You have a great day, too! I hope you’ll have better times soon! :)

  20. HSR sagt:

    Great mix great violins and sounds – i like that ‚ be my friend ‚ track very much!
    Thankssssssss :)

  21. HSR sagt:

    Hi, i was very busy with a project for school and although i was home working at my pc all day and had plans to listen to chilout sundays i totally forgot! So in the last couple of days i checked for the mix here but i see you didn’t post any for June? No mix this month? I thought that your waves mix is played in the first sunday of the month.


    • Addliss sagt:


      sorry for the delay! Of course there are mixes this month, even more than usual! But I have been busy, too, so I forgot to upload them these days. But now they’re finished and you can listen to them already:

      The blog post is timed for about 6 PM later today. There‘ you’ll also find the mixes. :)

  22. HSR sagt:

    This July mix got me at that first beat after the piano :) Nice tracks and mix!

  23. hsr sagt:

    Hi! Great mix in August!

    Tracklist please? :)

    • Addliss sagt:

      At first: thanks for being so a true fan! You listen to it regularly, yet, that’s a great honor for me!

      Second: The tracklist and upload comes on nex Monday. I hope, you can wait for that! :)

      • hsr sagt:

        :) I will check on Monday for sure! And thank you for the great music! My avatar on the work IM is your banner too – i like your show waves a lot :)

  24. hsr sagt:

    Missed the mixes again last week but i’m downloading them now… Thanks!!!

    • Addliss sagt:

      If I ever lose my backup of the shows, I’ll ask you if you still have them all! ;)

      Thanks again. :)

      • hsr sagt:

        Actually i wanted to ask you about some of the mixes that i don’t have – I knew i have some missing so i made a list and it seems i’m missing 6 from last year when i got a job and i didn’t have enough time for my collection :)

        Can i get these somewhere?
        2011: Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul // 2010: Jul (only yours).

        What i have is:


        jan: yes
        feb: yes + bee + dimitris sia
        mar: yes
        apr: yes
        may: yes
        jun: yes + dimitris
        jul: yes
        aug: yes + kled mone
        sept: yes + color sky movement


        jan: yes
        feb: yes
        mar: MISSING
        apr: MISSING
        may: MISSING
        jun: MISSING
        jul: MISSING
        aug: yes
        sept: yes
        oct: yes
        nov: yes
        dec: yes


        jan: time out show: yes
        feb: yes
        mar: yes
        apr: yes
        may: yes
        jun: yes
        jul: dimitry sia only / MISSING
        aug: yes
        sept: yes
        oct: yes
        nov: yes
        dec: yes


        sept: time out show: yes
        dec: time out show: yes

  25. Jody sagt:

    Listening to January Waves now on Frisky Radio. This is your best work so far. Thanks so much for you music, Addliss.


  26. Steve sagt:

    Absolutely loved the show on Sunday. Are you still updating the downloads above?

  27. Julia sagt:

    Hi, Addliss! I’m mad about your last year Waves May 2012, can’t stop to listen to it really )))) mystic sounds, thank u! Will listen to all of your works, good luck!

  28. Christian sagt:

    Hi! I like these radio shows (I listen friskyRadio often), and the last Sunday I download three shows from, but now all shows seems deleted. What happened?
    Thanks and regards from Argentina!

    • Addliss sagt:

      Well, actually I didn’t do anything and I didn’t get a notification by :-/ I’m not sure, what happened. I can’t even login to the service. Seems like they deleted my account OR have issues with the database.

      Anyway, I was about to delete most of the sets on this service, because: Frisky is providing them all for on demand streaming. And if you buy the subscription for 10$/month you get every WAVES set as a download from the first show in February 2010 to the latest episodes. So they do a good service and I don’t want to concur with my own host station (anymore).
      Just go here:

  29. David sagt:

    Hello friend.

    As a long standing-fan of your work, particulary WAVES chillout, and as a complete novice to mixing, I was wondering if you could give a little insight into how you produces these works of art (without giving any trade secrets away of course!). What mixing software you use, how you select which pieces for the mixes, how much do you add to the music in overdubbing, etc. Thanks for sharing any information and THANK YOU for continuously producing fantastic music!


    • Addliss sagt:

      Oh, hey, David,

      I guess I missed something there. Did you ask this once before? I remember very very slightly this topic has been brought up and I wanted to write about it and/or even do a small video. Oops.

      I will try to write something about it today! :)

      • David sagt:

        Hi there,

        Sorry, didn’t mean to chase you! I’d love to know a little about how you create your work, so anything would be fascinating.

        Many thanks!

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