Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 167

Light up your summer with some uplifting tunes! „Epiphany of Sound“ is delivering again with Trance by L_DG, Fabio Franco, Ciro Visone and Mahaputra. This time I included a technoid tune with Cynthia Laclé’s remix of „The Motto“ by Tiësto & Ava Maxx. The classic on the other hand is hitting all the sweet notes with Robert Nickson’s update on „Out There“ from 2016. Can you believe, it’s nearly 10 years now?

So hit the Play button and enjoy!


  1. Darkingz – Chase the Moment [Polar Impact]
  2. Onstream89 – Disunited (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
  3. L_DG – Seduction [Soluna Music]
  4. Andy Jaymes – At The Gates (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  5. Tiësto x Ava Maxx – The Motto (Cynthia Lacle Remix) [CD-R]
  6. Eirik C – Falling (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  7. Fabio Franco – Gravity (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  8. Paul Courbet – Dynamic (Extended Mix) [Future Force]
  9. Ayrin – Morning Sun (Extended Mix) [Future Fusion]
  10. Ciro Visone & Semper T. – Ghost Soul (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  11. Mahaputra – I Miss You (Fabio Franco Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  12. Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa – Out There (Robert Nickson 2016 Extended Remix) [FSOE]

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 166

It’s hammering in again – „Epiphany of Sound“ is back with some great beats and melodies! This time it’s Ciro Visone with Semper T, James Dust, Super Luminal and Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt. In this episode I even have two classics: Bryan Kearney aka Karney took Moby’s classic „Everytime You Touch Me“ and remixed it. Also I put in Simon Patterson’s „Miss You“ from 2010.

So press Play and enjoy!


  1. Alex Stendor – The Return To Home (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  2. Moby – Everytime You Touch Me (Karney Remix) [CD-R]
  3. Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt – Code of Conduct (Extended Mix) [Future Force]
  4. C-Mo – Nuria (Liquidized Elements NRG Remix) [Progressive Vibes Dark]
  5. Bluespark – Rabbi Fluente (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  6. Pittarius Code – Reality (Extended Mix) [Entrancing Music]
  7. Ciro Visone & Semper T – Ghost Soul (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  8. Starry Major – Tears of the Sea (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  9. Tryeality – Salvation (Extended Mix) [Progressive Vibes Dark]
  10. James Dust & Noff feat. Jodie Poye – Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love (Extended Mix) [Future Force]
  11. Super Luminal & Juan Alminana Obando – Shadow (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance]
  12. Simon Patterson – Miss You (Original Mix) [Reset Holland]

Next Waves on 7 July 2024 – Classical Glass Special!

The next Waves is just around the corner. Just as you know it, it features relaxing beats as well as captivating melodies. But this time there’s once again more to it: Classical Glass is one of my favourite contemporary composer and he is doing all of his work without any monetary interest. It’s pure art. So I invited him back – after the special I made in 2021 – to be my guest. And I’m still excited to play his pieces that can calm you down instantly.

If you don’t know him, you can get a glance with these words:

Philip Dupuis (Classical Glass) is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Canada who specializes in melodic minimalist pieces that attempt to tell a musical story within each piece through tonal and dynamic variations. Philip believes that music, at its best, conveys beauty in a way that no other art form can. As such he agrees with the English poet John Keats who proclaimed “Beauty is truth, truth beauty — that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”.

Philip began his musical life as a percussionist but fell in love with the piano in his late teens. Since then he has worked on embellishing his piano works with other keyboard sounds from a number of different synthesizers to create a unique atmospheric quality to music. 

And you can always hear his atmospheric style desribed here! If you don’t believe, you can listen to some of his tracks on Soundcloud.

So sit back and tune into FriskyRadio CHILL on Sunday, July 7th, 2024 at 7 a.m. ESST / 1 p.m. CEST and enjoy this Ambient/Chillout special on Waves!

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 165

Go for the next Epiphany of Sound! This is the new episode full of beautiful melodies and kicking beats. Prepare your speakers for music by Robert Nickson, Tensteps, M.A.T.I., TrancEye and the classic by Solid Sessions. Armin van Buuren remixed them back in the day and the track still shines bright!


  1. Robert Nickson & Ellie Lawson – The Way That U R (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
  2. LostVillage – Starlight [National Sound]
  3. Magnettor & Tiff Lacey – Above The Clouds [Progressive Vibes Music]
  4. Mark Digital – Return to Forever [Soluna Music]
  5. Nitesonik – Comet (Extended Mix) [Gert Records]
  6. M.A.T.I. – Leave it Behind (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  7. Joe Fares – More (Primestate Project Extended Remix) [Gert Progressive]
  8. Tensteps – Out Of The Shadows (Extended Mix) [Find Your Harmony]
  9. Mark Maguire – Destination (Extended Mix) [Vital Soho]
  10. Northbound feat. Mei – See You Again (Martian Railgun Extended Remix) [Future Force]
  11. Fabio Franco – Gravity (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  12. TrancEye – Uriel (Ben van Gosh Extended Remix) [CD-R]
  13. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Armin van Buuren Remix) [Radikal]

Next Waves on 7 April 2024

Waves is one of the best ways to relax on a Sunday. I love to mix it and get the best relaxation and leave you something behind to chill out to. So on Sunday, April 7th, 2024, there will be the next show with some great Ambient and interesting tunes. I put together Blufeld, Nyanara, Moby, Firas Tarhini and new stuff by Grum.

Do you know the Electronic Opus by BT? I also put some of this special electronic-Orchestra collaboration in. And the final is a special chillout remix of an OceanLab tune.

So tune in on April 7th, 2024, at 7 a.m. ESST / 1 p.m. CEST to catch the new Waves on FriskyRadio CHILL.

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 164

Epiphany of Sound returns for your pleasure! As always I put together some melodic tunes, this time introduced by some progressive vibes, but eventually turning to uplifting – of course! Prepare for music by Numedian, Hide & Seek, Darren Porter and Roman Sand.

Also be ready for a classic that always hits the sweet spot for me: Tiësto produced „Forever Today“ back in the day and it never ceases to catch my emotional side.

Press Play and enjoy!


  1. Fredix – Between Heaven and Moon (Extended Mix) [Gert Progressive]
  2. Numedian – Beacon [Soluna Music]
  3. FloE – Recognition (Extended Mix) [Entrancing Music]
  4. Fabio Franco – Thunderbolt (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  5. Guava & DreamMaster & Ren Faye – Heart of Hope (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance]
  6. XLM – Persevere (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  7. Jukka & Rafal Golda – Echoes of Hope (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  8. Hide & Seek – Polaris (Extended Mix) [Future Force]
  9. Darren Porter – Timelapse (Extended Mix) [Reason II Rise Music]
  10. Roman Sand – Be Alive (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  11. Alternate High & Lyd14 – Spirit Above (Extended Mix) [ZYX Trance]
  12. Tiësto – Forever Today [Non EMI]

In Between – 12 Years Anniversary on 22 March 2024

It feels like yesterday when I first started In Between. It is a show I put all my heart into playing progressive sounds – some deep, some more melodic, but always soulful music. In a few days this show turns 12 and I put together some representative tunes to celebrate this. Beginning with deep, rolling stuff by Roald Velden, Aurum or Baud Rate I turned it to melodic uplifting by Nipika, Cosmaks or Terry Gaters. It is full of small elements which you will appreciate, I am sure of that!

So tune into FriskyRadio on Friday, March 22nd, 2024 at 2 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. CET and enjoy this anniversary with me!

Waves – 14th Anniversary on 4 February 2024

To be honest, I can’t really believe that Waves will make its 14th birthday on next Sunday! It was my first regular show and still is my love while mixing it every month. I never missed a show in 14 years!

For the anniversary I put together some really nice tunes by the likes of Inon Bramy, Vince Forwards, Alexxon, Fort Road, Alexander Tarasov and many more! Also I had to include what is possibly my album of 2023: BT’s The Secret Language of Trees combines wonderful melodies with interesting beats, some glitches, some drones and long track development, which I really came to love. So in the show there are two of the album tracks.

So don’t miss it and tune into Frisky CHILL on Sunday at 7 a.m. EST / 1 p.m. CET and enjoy the Waves crashing through your speakers!

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 163

Trance is back with Epiphany of Sound! Don’t hesitate to get into the show with progressive tracks by Deidian and Istar slowly leading into uplifting bangers by Paul Courbet, Sergiy Akinshin and many more. The classic section is represented by Outback’s State of Emergy which just has a beautiful long melody.

So press Play and enjoy!


  1. Deidian – Falling Strings [Soluna Music]
  2. Istar feat. Natali Dali – Second Side (Extended Mix) [Redux Red]
  3. Tim Besamusca – Astralix (Extended Trance Mix) [Astralis Infinia]
  4. Joren Heelsing – Heaven (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance]
  5. Nick Flow – We Are Together (Rework Version) [Gert Records]
  6. Kenzid – Dancing On The Water [National Sound]
  7. Paul Courbet & U-Mount – Paralimini Sunsets (Extended Mix) [Future Force]
  8. DMPV & Anveld – Faded (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  9. 7rance & Kvaii – Maximum Threshold (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  10. Dan Offside – Perfect Storm (Original Mix) [Dan Crang]
  11. Sergiy Akinshin & Jasmine Dean – Turn The Time (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  12. Outback – State of Emergy (Draft 2 Design Remix) [ASOT]

Activa – Remember (Addliss Chillout Remix) [Sample]

Back in 2008 Activa was on his first high to present his iconic track Remember which maybe every Trance DJ played. It was one of the biggest tracks in the 2000s for me and still is one of my favourites of all time. Just sitting at home diseased I remembered the tune and had to try out the melody. So I thought of a Chillout remake which would suit the melody really well!

Not wasting any time I made it and, of course, there’s still a lot to finish like EQing, effects, maybe some percussions (?), I don’t know yet. But you can hear a short sneak preview on my Soundcloud:

If you like it, tell me! I will do my best to finish it in the near future!