Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 158

Epiphany of Sound is coming back on track. It was very unregular in the last 10 months, but now I’m managing to mix more often again. And it is a pleasure! So this time I put together some melodic progressive Trance, some vocal tunes or uplifting bangers. Be prepared for: Roman Sand, N-sKing, Derek Palmer and Metta & Glyde!

I promise, I will post new mixes more regularly in the future!

So now press Play and enjoy!


  1. Erik Hakansson – Falcon (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance Deep]
  2. Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress – In The Moonlight (Alan Santy Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
  3. Jean Boris – Punta Sol [Soluna Music]
  4. Tensteps x Sara de Warren – Deja Vu (Extended) [Find Your Harmony]
  5. Stoneface & Terminal & Robert Nickson – From The Sun (Extended Mix) [Pure Trance]
  6. Puresoul – Alone (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  7. Max Pronichev – He Came From Heaven (Extended Mix) [Progressive Vibes Music]
  8. Roman Sand – Insight (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  9. Frank Dueffel – Café Cortado (Extended Mix) [Phoenix]
  10. Metta & Glyde and Susana – Build A Bridge (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
  11. Moonsouls – Omega (Extended Mix) [Monster Neos]
  12. N-sKing – Maou The Hand (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  13. Substate vs. Solarsky – Karma (Original Mix) [Borderline]

Track of the Day (23 Jan 2023)

I can’t say how much I love this tune! Stoneface & Terminal are two of my Trance heroes, they used to produce mad tunes and still do today. But maybe my favourite tune by them is more progressive than uplifting Trance. Everytime I hear the breakdown, I can fly to the moon and back!

If you have the opportunity, listen on headphones (not earphones!) or good speakers and enjoy!

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 156

For 2023 I put in some different vibes into Epiphany of Sound: Starting with progressive by Steven Liquid, which opens smoothly. Also I put in some acid sounds with Merlin Tb-303 who released on Entrancing Music. But of course I mixed it with the sound you know: uplifting, melodic, flowing and sometimes pumping trance by SoundLift, C-Systems, Ciaran McAuley, Adip Kiyoi and others. The classic this time comes from David McQuiston who remixed Chicane’s classic Poppiholla!

So press Play and enjoy!


  1. Lumidelic – Subway (Steven Liquid Extended Mix) [Soluna Music]
  2. SoundLift & Susanne Teutenberg – Hoping Against Hope (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
  3. Chris Rane – Life Is A Lonely Place (Extended Mix) [Redux Red]
  4. Merlin TB-303 – Fly (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
  5. C-Systems – Every Star (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance]
  6. Ciaran McAuley & Linney – Reach for You (Extended Mix) [Black Hole]
  7. Dmitry Ruman – The Road Home (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  8. Dave Steward – Fire & Flow (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  9. Kilton – Red Line (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  10. N-sKing – Light of Peace (Extended Mix) [Ablazing]
  11. Alan Morris – Esperanza (Extended Mix) [Subculture]
  12. Adip Kiyoi & Roxanne Emery – Embers (Steve Dekay Remix) [Suanda Dark]
  13. Chicane – Poppiholla (David McQuiston Remix) [CD-R]

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 155

Just before the new year I can present a new installation of Epiphany of Sound! This time we start with some progressive beats by Stoneface & Terminal with Robert Nickson, but quickly leading to uplifting melodies from the likes of RJ Hernandez, Frank Dueffel, Dory Badawi and many more. The classic comes from the legendary SoundLift. Back in 2010 Daniel Kandi remixed his melodic track Empty Night Street that always resonates with me.

Press play and enjoy!


  1. Stoneface & Terminal & Robert Nickson – From The Sun (Extended Mix) [Pure Trance]
  2. Vyacheslav Sitov – From Sediment Of Gray Smoke (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  3. Sergiy Akinshin – Spring Metamorphosis (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
  4. RJ Hernandez – Eventide (Extended Mix) [Gert Records]
  5. Dory Badawi – Lift Me Up (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance]
  6. Matthew Dreamer – Believe (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  7. Ricardo Guerra – Dreams (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
  8. Paul Corbet – Connected (Extended Mix) [State Control]
  9. Fabio Franco – Deep In Your Eyes (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  10. Frank Dueffel – Café Cortado (Extended Mix) [Phoenix]
  11. Metta & Glyde and Susana – Build A Bridge (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
  12. Ciaran McAuley – Your Smile (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights]
  13. SoundLift – Empty Night Street (Daniel Kandi Remix) [Blue Soho]

Next „In Between“ on 23 December 2022

The final installation of In Between is just around the corner! The past year 2022 presented a ton of new progressive music with some deep grooves and enchanting melodies. So I will celebrate it as always with the December episode of In Between featuring brilliant vibes by Dezza, Wolkengrau, Yusuke Teranishi, Skyhunter, Cosmaks, Cloudcage and many many more!

Don’t miss this and tune into FriskyRadio on December 23rd, 2022, at 2 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. CET to hear the pounding beats flowing through your speakers!

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 153

Trance is back with Epiphany of Sound finally! After an odyssey with no internet connection I finally made it to get this out. Episode 153 is full of epic tracks by James Dymond, Markus Schulz, Gayax, Airdream and many others.

Press Play and enjoy!


  1. Ikoyonix – The Legend (Original Mix) [Progressive Vibes]
  2. Chris Rane – You Should Love Me Too (Extended Mix) [Redux Fantasy]
  3. Rikki Starrett & Vikram Prabhu – Hedonism (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
  4. James Dymond & James R. K. Freeman – Opus 1 (Extended Mix) [GO Music]
  5. Markus Schulz & Haliene – Tidal Wave (Will Atkinson Remix) [Black Hole]
  6. Last Soldier vs. Adip Kiyoi & Ade Dokq – Beyond the Rain (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
  7. Paul Denton – Watching The Waves (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
  8. Storyteller & Jake – Out Of My Existence (Corrie Theron Remix) [We Are Trance]
  9. Fabio Buono – Intergalactic (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  10. Gayax – Summer Winds (Extended Mix) [Liquid Emotion]
  11. Darren Bax & Jukka – Midnight Sky (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  12. Airdream – Lost In Time (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  13. Temple One – World Beyond (TrancEye Remix) [CD-R]

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 152

Get ready for the next installment of Epiphany of Sound! It’s full of beats and melodies, this time by Roman Sand, Illitheas, Exouler, A.R.D.I. and many more. Also I discovered Nessai who does great remixes and put it before the classic by Envio – a remix for Blank & Jones.

So press Play and enjoy!


  1. Co1n – Everest (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  2. Sonicwork – Skyscape (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  3. Fantazm – November End (Original Mix) [Progressive Vibes]
  4. Carl Pearce – Emotions (Extended Mix) [We Are Trance]
  5. Roman Sand – Skyline (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  6. James Dust & Alternate High – Back To The Mountains (Extended Mix) [#WeAreTrance]
  7. A.R.D.I. – Redemption (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
  8. Exouler & Sam Laxton – Bloom (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights]
  9. Illitheas & Manuel Rocca – Eterno (Extended Mix) [Abora]
  10. XiJaro & Pitch & Mart Sine – No Stone Unturned (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
  11. Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson – Mood Banshee (Nessai Job) [CD-R]
  12. Blank & Jones – Zero Gravity (Envio Remix) [Gang Go]

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 151

Epiphany of Sound is back! Get your speakers ready for some pumping beats! This time I put together music by Terra V, Rich Miller, Roman Sand, Armin van Buuren and many others.

Press Play and enjoy!


  1. BIS – Metaverse [CD-R]
  2. Dory Badawi feat. Roxanne Emery – Weapons Of Choice (Claas Inc. Remix) [Redux]
  3. Armin van Buuren & Rank 1 – The Greater Light To Rule The Night (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance]
  4. Terra V. – In Silence (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
  5. Parnassvs – Divinity (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  6. Glasman – Amazing (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  7. Rich Miller – Escape (Original Mix) [Anomaly]
  8. Jody 6 – Drops (Extended Mix) [High Voltage]
  9. DNRJ – Hold On (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  10. Sentien feat. Erisse – Under Your Spell (Dub Mix) [Redux]
  11. Matthew Dreamer – New Life (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
  12. Roman Sand – Skyline (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  13. Armin van Buuren and Aly & Fila feat. Kazi – For All Time (Extended Mix) [Armind]
  14. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Stephen Pickup – No More Alone (Jon O’Bir Remix) [Vandit]

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 149

Epiphany of Sound returns with hammering tunes starting off with darker melodies Jukka or Amisha. Later it’s lifting up with Darren Porter, Temple One or Nikolauss. Just let the music guide you.

Press Play and enjoy!


  1. Jedmar – Bitter Analysis (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  2. Synthetic Fantasy – Face the Truth (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  3. Jukka – Invincible (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  4. Ricardo Guerra – Analog (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
  5. Amisha – New Era (Original Mix) [Progressive Vibes]
  6. Rikki Starrett – Revolution [CD-R]
  7. Darren Porter – Remember the Lights (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Knights Music]
  8. Met Fish – Pleiades [MF Label]
  9. Stormbrand – Hyperloop (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  10. Paul Denton – Rise Up (Extended Mix)[FSOE]
  11. Temple One – Ocean Paradise (Kiyoi & Eky Remix) [Digital Society]
  12. Nikolauss – Omi (Extended Mix) [Subculture]
  13. Majera – Velvet Sun (Aly & Fila Remix) [Deep Blue]

Epiphany of Sound – Yearmix 2021 – Part 1

Finally here it is: The yearmix for 2021. Following the experience of recent years I boiled it down to 2 mixes with 12 tracks each. I figured out most of the tracks I picked in longer sessions are „good“ but don’t always represent the really „best“ in the year. So this time you’ll hear tracks by Temple One, Roman Sand, Bryan Kearney, Cold Blue and many others. There’s no classic here, just the best of 2021!

Press Play and enjoy!


  1. Temple One pres. Cosmic Mystery – Around The World (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
  2. Roman Sand – Silent Days (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  3. Illitheas & Manuel Rocca – Eterno (Extended Mix) [Abora]
  4. XjO – Gemini (Original Mix) [Progressive Vibes]
  5. Steem SL – Over The Edge (Extended Mix) [State Control]
  6. Bryan Kearney & Deidre McLaughlin – Open My Mind (Sean Tyas Remix) [Kearnage]
  7. Alex Nomak & N-sKing – Cassiopeia (Extended Mix) [Redux]
  8. Raz Nitzan & Maria Nayler – Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Darren Porter Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
  9. Micro Out – Old Melody (Original Mix) [Gert Records]
  10. Cold Blue – Ocean Breeze (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
  11. Gayax – Nostalgia (Extended Mix) [Butterfly Music]
  12. Dan Stone & Stine Grove – If I Never Make It Home (Extended Mix) [FSOE Fables]