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Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 59

We’re starting into the new year of „Epiphany of Sound“ with new power! I’ve collected a lot of new tracks in my inbox that are waiting for me to play them. Be it Plutian, Cold Blue, Factoria or my own new single „Celestial Altitude“ on AlYf Recordings, all of them are melodic and pending between great breakdowns and powerful climaxes.

So press play and enjoy!


01. Plutian – Ever Yours (Extended Mix) [CD-R]
02. Amo R – Danphe (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
03. Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
04. Eddie Lung – Sirius (2017 Rework) [Redux]
05. Flatlex – Serenity Of Nature (Extended Mix) [Condura]
06. Cold Blue – Nevada (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
07. Aundlang – Hayabusa (Original Mix) [Redux 138]
08. Addliss – Celestial Altitude (Original Mix) [AlYf]
09. Cosmic & Nilson – See The Light (TrancEye Remix) [Redux]
10. SoundEdit – Simple Life (Original Mix) [AlYf]
11. Factoria – Revive (Mike Sanders Remix) [Alter Ego]
12. Allen & Envy feat. Victoriya – Don’t Say (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
13. Tomonari & Tommy Pi – C-Sharp 2005 (Mike Shiver Remix) [Skywarp]

Celestial Altitude [Out Now]

My release schedule in 2017 is starting today! Celestial Altitude is the first track seeing the light of day in all download stores today. It has a driving bassline and I like to think, the piano melody makes it beautiful. This tune is close to Novaturient on Massive Trance last year, but it has a piano melody and some arps bringing some movement into game.

It is already getting support from North Pole, Etasonic, Myk Bee, Ikerya Project and others! Here is a prelistening:

And here are some download/streaming links for you:

Google Music

Celestial Altitude [Out on 06/02/2017]

In 2016 I have released more proglifting tunes on Teknofonic Recordings, which I intend to continue. Nevertheless I still have some uplifting ideas and want to get them out there! The next step in this direction is Celestial Altitude on AlYf Recordings. This tune is close to Novaturient on Massive Trance of last year, but it has a piano melody and some arps bringing some movement into game.

Celestial Altitude will be released worldwide on February 6th, 2017, and it is already getting support from North Pole, Etasonic, Myk Bee, Ikerya Project and others! Here are prelistening sessions on Soundcloud and Youtube:

Epiphany of Sound – Yearmix 2016 (Part 1)

In my opinion 2016 has been an average year for Trance music. There were some, but just a few jaw dropping tunes and a lot of „good“ music, but not special. In recent years I had several tracks I could listen to on a daily basis and not get bored of them. But in 2016 I just found maybe a handful where it has been at least 20 tracks in the years before. Nevertheless I put together my favourite tunes and mixed them – this year in three parts! Part 1 is 17 tracks long, Part 2 will have 18 tracks and Part 3 will be the Top20 of 2016. All in all that makes 55 tracks.

Additionally there will be a remake episode just like for 2015 but that will be the last one. Now, happily I can present my tracks 55 to 39!


01. 4 Strings – In Our Hearts (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance] (55)
02. Addliss – Harmonies Are Forever (Doerfler Remix) [Teknofonic] (54)
03. Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star feat. Betsie Larkin – Again (Armin van Buuren Extended Remix) [Armind] (53)
04. Tim Lapse – Nice Try (Original Mix) [Go On Air] (52)
05. Enmax – Source of Light [Massive Trance] (51)
06. Fischer & Miethig – On The Run (Mindsoundscape’s Vocal Remix) [Redux Digital] (50)
07. Anna Lee feat. Dima Krasnik – Optical Illusion (Daniel Kandi’s Illusionist Mix) [Always Alive] (49)
08. The Thrillseekers – Just Because (Original Mix) [Adjusted] (48)
09. Symon & Jay – Turning Point (Original Mix) [Redux 138] (47)
10. Opt-In – Don’t You Know (Original Mix) [Discover] (46)
11. Arctic Moon & Apple One feat. Diana Leah – Who We Are (Bjorn Akesson Remix) [Future Sound Of Egypt Excelsior] (45)
12. Radion6 feat. Sarah Lynn – A Desert Rose [Allen & Envy Remix) [Amsterdam Trance] (44)
13. Andy Tau – Static (Allen Watts Remix) [Alter Ego] (43)
14. Addliss – Novaturient [Massive Trance] (42)
15. Ferry Tayle & Suncatcher – Origami (Dan Stone Remix) [Always Alive] (41)
16. Dennis Sheperd feat. Sylvia Tosun – We Are (Maratone vs. XiJaro & Pitch Remix) [A Tribute To Life] (40)
17. Ferrin & Morris – Vienna (Original Mix) [Tytanium] (39)

Next WAVES on 1 January 2017

The new year is approaching with big steps! Celebrating the new year FriskyRadio will have the first #ChilloutSunday right away and – as usually – WAVES will be part of this! I have prepared a show with names like Spheriá, Dirk Maassen, Ólafur Arnalds, Chicane or The Thrillseekers which will resemble the best Chillout music I have heard all of 2016. So it’s a bit of a reminscence, but also a big step into the 7th year of Frisky and WAVES for me. The year will feature new and old music, but always the finest in Ambient, Chillout and Down-Tempo. I’m looking forward to it and I want you to follow me!

So tune in on January 1st, 2017 to the Frisky CHILL channel at 7 a.m. EST / 1 p.m. CET and enjoy!

Das neue Jahr kommt in Riesenschritten auf uns zu! Um das zu feiern, wird es bei FriskyRadio gleich den ersten #ChilloutSunday geben und – wie immer – die erste WAVES. Ich habe eine Sendung mit Namen wie Spheriá, Dirk Maassen, Ólafur Arnalds, Chicane oder The Thrillseekers vorbereitet, die die beste Chillout-Musik des Jahres 2016 präsentiert. Es ist also eine kleine Reminiszenz an das vergangene Jahr, weist aber auch in das kommende, mein 7tes Jahr bei Frisky und mit WAVES. Im ganzen Jahr werde ich nicht aufhören, euch immer neue und alte Musik, aber immer die beste aus Ambient, Chillout und Down-Tempo zu kredenzen. Ich freue mich sehr darauf und hoffe, dass ihr mir folgt!

Schaltet also am 1. Januar 2017 um 13 Uhr deutscher Zeit den Frisky CHILL-Kanal ein und gleitet euch bei ruhigen Klängen in das neue Jahr!

Digitally Imported – End Of Year Show 2016

End of year is approaching pretty quick and so the end of year mixes are coming in at a high rate. I have been part of the End Of Year Show 2016 on’s Vocal Trance channel once again – third year in a row!

As you can guess this means a lot of Vocal Trance, but I also played the one or other instrumental tune. It’s awesome to be able to put all this beautiful tracks together and remember this awesome year for music. Trance is still strong and so this short mix represents this!


01. Dimension – Mangata (Original Mix) [Flashover]
02. Fischer & Miethig – On The Run (Mindsoundscapes Vocal Remix) [Redux Digital]
03. Addliss – Harmonies Are Forever (Doerfler Remix) [Teknofonic]
04. Ben Gold feat. Christina Novelli – All Or Nothing (Allen Watts Remix) [WIAO138]
05. Snatt & Vix feat. Neev Kennedy – At The End Of The Day (Suncatcher Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
06. Ferrin & Morris feat. Aneym – Under Your Spell (Extended Mix) [Transistic]
07. Luke Bond feat. Cartel – Once More (Dan Stone Remix) [Garuda]
08. Somna feat. Jennifer Rene – Hands (A.R.D.I. Remix) [AVA]
09. Anatol Weber & DJ T.H. feat. Natalia Meister – I Promise (Alan Morris Remix) [Transistic]
10. Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter – Reckless (Standerwick Extended Remix) [Garuda]
11. Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
12. Thomas Hayes feat. Kyler England – Golden (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Enhanced]
13. Mhammed El Alami & Amine Maxwell feat. Jo Cartwright – Let Yourself Be Loved (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]

Here you can look at the line-up and check who has also contributed a mix:

Next „In Between“ on 23 December 2016

The year is coming to an end and so is my progressive show In Between on FriskyRadio – for this year. As a logical consequence I will have a „Best of 2016“ show at the night before Christmas Eve. It’s full of breathtaking tunes by Roald Velden, South Pole, Orsa, Kyau & Albert, Rick Siron and a lot of my own tunes since I have had a great year releasing progressive Trance tracks! From The End over Harmonies Are Forever to my most successful tune Someone To Smile At they are  in there.

As usual it’s on Friday evening, December 23rd 2016, at 2 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. CET. As usual it’s on the regular channel of FriskyRadio. Tune in and enjoy!

Das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende und auch meine Sendung In Between auf FriskyRadio. Als eine logische Konsequenz wird es am kommenden Freitag noch einmal eine „Best of 2016“-Show am Abend vor Heiligabend geben. Diese wird voll mit Musik von Roald Velden, South Pole, Orsa, Kyau & Albert, Rick Siron und vielen meiner eigenen Titel sein, da ich ein wirklich tolles Jahr mit progressiven Trance-Tracks hatte. Von The End über Harmonies Are Forever bis hin zu meiner erfolgreichsten Single Someone To Smile At sind viele dabei.

Wie immer läuft die Sendung am Freitagabend, den 23. Dezember 2016 um 20 Uhr deutscher Zeit. Wie immer auf dem regulären Kanal von FriskyRadio. Also einschalten und genießen!

Sundowner [OUT NOW]

You like a groovy bassline? You like some vocal cuts? But you don’t want to miss lush pads and melodies? Then the Sundowner is something for you! Teknofonic releases my next installment of laid back Trance fused with some House elements as a Christmas gift to all of you.

Google Music

Here’s a little prelistening for you:

Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 55

It’s time for trance again! Get your speakers ready and prepare yourself for new music by The Thrillseekers, John O’Callaghan, Arctic Moon, Luke Terry and many more! Of course I have included my new single Harmonies Are Forever which has been released this week on Teknofonic. I think, it opens the set just perfectly.

Press play and enjoy!


01. Addliss – Harmonies Are Forever (Doerfler Remix) [Teknofonic]
02. Team Condura – One Hundred (Original Mix) [Condura]
03. Menno de Jong & Adam Elles feat. Katie Louise Smith – Set To Sail (Original Mix) [In Trance We Trust]
04. Opt-In – Don’t You Know (Original Mix) [Discover]
05. F. G. Noise & TrancEye – Viper (Extended Mix) [Redux]
06. Hans Seo feat. Anna Toth – Sky Dancer (Arctic Moon Remix) [AVA]
07. Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
08. Anna Lee feat. Kate Miles – Back Again (Sied van Riel Remix Dub) [Entrancing Music]
09. SoundLift – River Side (Extended Mix) [Redux]
10. Luke Terry – Aaru (Original Mix) [Suanda True]
11. UDM – Omega (Extended Mix) [Redux]
12. Robert Nickson & Dimension – Wormhole (Original Mix) [Flashover]
13. The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra – Amber (Extended Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
14. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – Save Me (John O’Callaghan Extended Remix) [Garuda]

High on Summer 2016

The sun is shining, a little breeze is coming over from the water, sand beneath your feet – three signs that it is summer! And High on Summer provides the best music to accompany this time of the year. It’s the mix between sweet melodies, cool beats, flowing pads and plucky synths that creates the summer mood. Let the music take you on a journey with tunes by the likes of Alex H, LTN, Roald Velden, Morrison Kiers, Sunlight Project, Solid Stone, Jallen, Blood Grove & Kikis and many many more!

So don’t hesitate, click play and enjoy!

(Picture Credit: Lorenz Teege)

Die Sonne scheint, eine seichte Brise weht vom Wasser herüber, Sand unter euren Füßen – drei sichere Anzeichen für Sommer! Und High on Summer bietet die beste Musik, um diese Jahreszeit zu begleiten! Es ist eine Mischung von süßen Melodien, coolen Beats, dahinfließenden Pads und spielerischen Synths, die die Sommerstimmung verbreiten. Lasst euch auf eine Reise mitnehmen; mit Musik von Alex H, LTN, Roald Velden, Morrison Kiers, Sunlight Project, Solid Stone, Jallen, Blood Grove & Kikis und vielen vielen mehr!

Also zögert nicht lange, drückt auf Play und genießt die Fahrt!


01. North Sunset – Baltic (Original Mix) [Tiefhaus]
02. Groovski – Hawkish (Original Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
03. Vitodito & Takekawa – Koori (Kazusa Remix) [Encanta]
04. Pat Nathan – Different [CD-R]
05. London Grammar – Hey Now (XYPO Remix) [CD-R]
06. Eeemus – Cellar Door [Recovery Collective]
07. Kaskade – Angel On My Shoulder (Alex H ‚Twilight‘ Mix) [CD-R]
08. Lane 8 feat. Matthew Dear – Undercover (Yotto Remix) [Anjunadeep]
09. LTN & Roni Joni – In Between (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
10. Entis – Melancholy (Original Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
11. Maiga – Vincenzo (Original Mix) [Perplexity Music]
12. Adam Sobiech – Moments (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Progressive]
13. Kevin Holdeen – My Own Paradise (Original Mix) [CD-R]
14. Alex H & feat. Mona Moua – There’s No Turning Back (Sundriver Remix) [Perplexity Music]
15. Keith Harris – Inner World [Progressive House Worldwide]
16. Roald Velden – Around The World (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [sunset melodies]
17. Dan Sieg – A Sense Of Wonder (Sound Quelle Remix) [Silk Music]
18. Jallen – Venture (Original Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
19. Kono (USA) – Moku (Martin Peter Remix) [Perplexity Music]
20. Jan Martin & Mango – Pillows (Stendahl Remix) [Silk Music]
21. Roald Velden & Morrison Kiers – Zonnewende (Original Mix) [Perplexity Music]
22. Sunlight Project – Kyushu (Original Mix) [Sunlight Tunes]
23. The Midnight – WeMoveForward (Talamanca Dub Mix) [Silk Music]
24. Roald Velden & Morrison Kiers – Memories Are Forever (Original Mix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
25. Adam Sobiech – Dreaming (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Progressive]
26. Pierre In The Air – Salire (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Progressive]
27. Manu Lei – Umaru (Original Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
28. Amir Hussain – Life In Mono (Solid Stone Remix) [Supercomps]
29. Addliss – Someone To Smile At [Teknofonic]
30. Soarsweep feat. Leusin – In Search For Our Skies (Original Mix) [Moonbeam Digital]
31. SOOB – Sincere (Original Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
32. Cressida – Summit (Kyau & Albert Remix) [Euphonic]
33. EDU – Alive (Original Mix) [Monster Pure]
34. Addliss – Everything That Is Left [Teknofonic]
35. Kozoro & Evence – Our Own World (Original Mix) [CD-R]