Epiphany of Sound – Vol. 153

Trance is back with Epiphany of Sound finally! After an odyssey with no internet connection I finally made it to get this out. Episode 153 is full of epic tracks by James Dymond, Markus Schulz, Gayax, Airdream and many others.

Press Play and enjoy!


  1. Ikoyonix – The Legend (Original Mix) [Progressive Vibes]
  2. Chris Rane – You Should Love Me Too (Extended Mix) [Redux Fantasy]
  3. Rikki Starrett & Vikram Prabhu – Hedonism (Extended Mix) [Redux 138]
  4. James Dymond & James R. K. Freeman – Opus 1 (Extended Mix) [GO Music]
  5. Markus Schulz & Haliene – Tidal Wave (Will Atkinson Remix) [Black Hole]
  6. Last Soldier vs. Adip Kiyoi & Ade Dokq – Beyond the Rain (Extended Mix) [AVA White]
  7. Paul Denton – Watching The Waves (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
  8. Storyteller & Jake – Out Of My Existence (Corrie Theron Remix) [We Are Trance]
  9. Fabio Buono – Intergalactic (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  10. Gayax – Summer Winds (Extended Mix) [Liquid Emotion]
  11. Darren Bax & Jukka – Midnight Sky (Extended Mix) [Antima Music]
  12. Airdream – Lost In Time (Extended Mix) [Redux Magic]
  13. Temple One – World Beyond (TrancEye Remix) [CD-R]