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  1. Next WAVES on 3 March 2013


    Februar 26, 2013 by Addliss

    In February we had an overwhelming WAVES anniversary show with Dimitris ‘Rafe’ Siafarikas, Coloured Sky Movement and AstroPilot as my …
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  2. Interview mit Ingo Vogelmann – Möge es in deinem Regal nie verstauben


    Februar 24, 2013 by Addliss


    Nach vier Jahren Album-Abstinenz begibt sich Ingo Vogelmann wieder in den Ring der Album-Produktion. Er war natürlich nicht völlig untätig, …
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  3. Jaded & Addliss – Gravity


    Februar 15, 2013 by Addliss

    Addliss & Jaded - Gravity

    Last summer I mixed a set together with Jaded called Sunrise and a while ago we agreed on a new …
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  4. WAVES – January 2013


    Januar 14, 2013 by Addliss

    The new year started with a smooth WAVES show. I was playing a special three hours show with a lot …
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  5. Next WAVES on 6 January – 3 hours special!


    Januar 2, 2013 by Addliss


    In the last months of 2012 I had a lot of new guests on my WAVES show on FriskyRadio. For …
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  6. WAVES – December 2012 – feat. LTR


    Dezember 12, 2012 by Addliss

    A week and a half ago there was the final episode of WAVES for this year and it has been …
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  7. Rezension: Singvøgel – JETZT


    Dezember 3, 2012 by Addliss

    JETZT - Cover

    Die drei Singvøgel Karan, Duke Meyer und Sven Scholz sind schon seit zehn Jahren (Scholz erst seit 2006) auf der …
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  8. In Between – November 2012 – feat. Doerfler


    Dezember 1, 2012 by Addliss


    In November I had a guest on In Between playing more trancey stuff – Doerfler. So I did the first …
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  9. In Between – October 2012


    November 5, 2012 by Addliss

    Now this month has been fun again! I played my show In Between along with Luca Sorale who delivered an …
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  10. Next “In Between” on 26 October 2012 feat. Luca Sorale


    Oktober 23, 2012 by Addliss

    Luca Sorale

    It’s that time of the month again: The fourth TGIFrisky is ahead and this means a new show of In …
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