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Album: Wonders

Wonders is an Ambient & Chillout album to accompany hours of relaxation and recreation. It has ambient parts and more melancholic piano parts. It is atmopsheric and takes you away, but also brings you back.

I have written and produced this album in two weeks in February 2016, apart from 4 tracks that have been composed before, but not finished in their mixes that have found their way on the album.

I thank all the people that made this possible. Thanks to Silvi who wrote great lyrics and was open to let me help her to perfect them. Thanks to Sven Scholz who happily provided the stunning photos for the artwork.

Finally and foremost I thank Ingo Vogelmann for his work on design and mastering, and more than anything for his advice to push my limits and perfect the sound of Wonders.

You can buy Wonders on Bandcamp, listen to it via you favourite streaming service or download it from your favourite store. Here are some links:

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