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Next WAVES on 2 September


August 31, 2012 by Addliss

Terry Giap

I already prepared the next show of WAVES for Sunday, 2 September, and uploaded it to the FriskyServers. Look forward to a lot of piano tunes, a bunch of good vocals and stuff by BT, Dave Greening, Rameses B, CoMa, Sorrow, WiSkiM, Sigur Ros and Lange!

With me will be a new guest named Coloured Sky Movement and he played a great set on Soundcloud which he named Summer Solstice. He will play the first hour and then I will bring you my stuff in the following two hours! Tune in for Chillout Sunday on FriskyRadio!

Terry Giap

Die nächste Sendung WAVES für den kommenden Sonntag, den 2. September, ist schon vorbereitet und hochgeladen. Freut euch auf eine Menge Klaviermusik, viele großartige Vocals und Tracks von BT, Dave Greening, Rameses B, CoMa, Sorrow, WiSkiM, Sigur Ros und Lange!

Die erste Stunde wird euch ein bisher noch unbekannter Gast seine Vorstellung von Ambient und Chillout präsentieren: Coloured Sky Movement. Er hat ein tolles Set auf Soundcloud hochgeladen, das er Summer Solstice genannt hat. Nach seiner Stunde am Sonntag, werdet ihr von mir zwei zusätzliche Stunden hören. Also, schaltet den Chillout Sunday auf FriskyRadio ein!


Coloured Sky Movement is an artist name behind Lefteris Giaprakis. Is an idea created from passion for music, love and long journeys.
Lefteris Giaprakis is from Kavala in Greece. He studied Business in London were he spend most of the time in music business rather the music it’s self. He was a artist manager and he was a promoter at his homeland organizing major event’s.
David Lewis, Excession was some of the major agencies that he worked with. Jerome Isma-ae, 16Bit Lolitas, Glen Morrison is some of his favorite artists that he worked with along many others.
After music business almost collapse he decided to follow his only one dream that was to be become a professional pilot and he is almost to fulfill his goal.
Coloured sky movement is created in a dark side of his life after the need of creating something to relax after heavy workload, moments of self inner seeking and bringing memories of loving persons that are away. This is the main reason in a major twist of his life that he decided to externalize his feelings and produce a unique sound that will relax you and guide you to inner paths that you have never discover.
Sit back and enjoy. It will be quite an interesting afternoon.


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